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About Got Your 6 Program

Martial arts is a way of life which trains a student to be peaceful and confident; not a game of fighting and showy demonstrations. The results of martial arts training are the effortless ability to defend oneself, and the natural confidence attained through discipline and goal achievement. The GY6 martial arts program teaches a precise combination of kickboxing and grappling — the most practical, effective and streetwise form of self-defense.


Our Instructors

Jackie Neilson

Jackie Neilson

Coach, Program Director

Jackie Neilson played sports as a child through her first year of high school, but never stuck with one sport or activity for very long. In high school Jackie knew she wanted to be a counselor and help people make personal life improvements. As a psychology and interpersonal communications student at Rider University, she was introduced to mixed martial arts by her younger sister, who had been training for several years.

Michael Murray

Michael Murray

Head Instructor

Michael Murray was born and raised in a New Jersey suburb of New York City. From a young age he imitated ninjas and martial artists on television, and later found his own reasons to want to be able to defend himself and others he cared about. He began his mixed martial arts training under Sensei Paul Querido at Tiger Schulmann’s…