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Why GY6

Got Your 6 Mixed Martial Arts is proud to offer a school that raises the standards of dojos and gyms by offering a safe facility and family-friendly atmosphere. GY6MMA was founded on the principle that everyone needs a place to feel secure and accepted.  Only in this environment can students fully focus on the development of well-rounded skill, adopt a regimen of discipline, achieve their goals through fun and consistent training, and attain true confidence in their abilities. The GY6 mission is to give our students the know-how to defend themselves in any situation.

“I’ve Got Your 6” and “Cover My 6” are derived from the military term meaning to have someone’s back. This expression is found deep in the heart of military brotherhood. Covering one’s own back is not possible — so in addition to learning the lifesaving skill of self-defense, GY6MMA uphold the fundamental concepts of teamwork, leadership and camaraderie.

Sensei Mike Murray,  passionate US Army veteran and Head Instructor at GY6MMA, still upholds the highest standards of military-level discipline and respect by encouraging the traditional warrior values including Courage, Honor, and Loyalty, among others. He is pictured here, second from left, with his Stryker crew in Iraq during his deployment with the US Army in 2008.