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GRAPPLING is self-defense used in close-range encounters. It teaches how to escape holds and grabs using throws, joint locks and submission techniques. It is best used in situations that end up on the ground or when one finds themselves on their back.   At GY6 we combine the most street-wise and effective styles of grappling for both self-defense and competition, which include a combination of jiu jitsu and wrestling.

In a beginner level class, students will learn the hierarchy of grappling positions from most dominant to most vulnerable — how to execute them and escape them. You will learn fundamental techniques that apply to a real situation, such as an encounter on the street or in a competitive grappling setting.

Like kickboxing, grappling classes range from beginner to advanced levels. Intermediate-level grappling builds on the positions and techniques from the novice class. It is a time to apply the core concepts while adding the skill of submissions to a live grappling situation with a partner in a safe and controlled environment. The purpose is to learn the positions of a self-defense situation, then how advance your position and control your partner. Advanced-level grappling class is where competitive grapplers can gain the practical and competitive edge in their training.