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KICKBOXING is the most effective techniques of hand, knee, elbow, and foot strikes.  At GY6, our hybrid-style of kickboxing is a combination of American boxing, Muay Thai and Kyokushin (full-contact) Karate.  Our kickboxing classes combine proper technique with an intense cardio workout that enables you to defend yourself in nearly any stand-up self defense situation.

Kickboxing classes range from novice to advanced levels.  Students brand new to martial arts, or students coming from another martial arts discipline, start in our Self-Defense and Fitness class.  This non-contact kickboxing class is for all levels, and is geared towards developing strong foundations in technique and conditioning.  The instructor guides the class through a one-hour workout of practical self-defense combinations, covering all the fitness and technical bases.  GY6MMA Kickboxing is a phenomenal workout for all muscle groups, cardiovascular stamina and flexibility.  With consistency in this class of 2 to 3 classes per week, students can expect to achieve power and accuracy in their skill in very little time.

In all levels of classes, the GY6MMA instructors carefully fine-tune each students’ progress so that students are truly practicing the best form and technique.  Both novice and experienced students are able to train and progress in the same one-hour class, no matter their level of fitness or technique.  However, students are trained to be leaders of their peers as one of the core values of GY6MMA — so new students can expect to feel very welcome.

COMBINING OFFENSE AND DEFENSE.  Intermediate / Advanced Kickboxing classes are for students who have shown a mastery of the novice (offense) stage of kickboxing.  The purpose of the intermediate and advanced classes is to practice defensive techniques and proper timing while applying the offense fundamentals you’ve learned.  Executing proper technique and good control shows the instructor that a student is ready to apply their techniques in practice with a partner in class.  At a time when the student feels comfortable the instructor will guide them to get the proper safety equipment and begin to work kickboxing drills with a partner in class.  As is true in all classes at GY6, the instructor works closely with each individual student to make sure they’re achieving their personal best, being mindful not to push a student too soon or wait too long before moving them up to the next level.

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