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Kids Mixed Martial Arts

Students and parents alike seek martial arts for one common reason: discipline.  It serves us in all the most important areas of our lives — attaining optimal health, goal achievement and success in all of our endeavors.  But starting a child in martial arts at a young age speaks volumes for their character.  The combination of self-discipline and self-defense leads to confidence.  Simply put, a confident, courageous kid is a happy and successful one.

Why Discipline?  Conducting a class with a high level of discipline enables students to learn more in a shorter amount of time.  It encourages students to train their weaknesses as well as their strengths, and it sets them up to have a non-quitting attitude that will teach them to have courage in challenging circumstances for the rest of their lives.

Why learn self-defense?  Sooner or later we will all feel a need to protect ourselves, whether it’s verbally or physically, but learning simply “how to fight” doesn’t serve anyone well.  People who are trained in self-defense will be less likely to find themselves in a situation where they need to fight, since they naturally carry themselves in a calmer and more confident manner that is sensed by those around them.  Therefore, the GY6MMA curriculum is comprised of the confidence- and character-building aspects of true, effective kickboxing and grappling.  Most importantly, our students know how and when to use these skills properly.

How does this equate to self-confidence?  GY6MMA teaches a street-wise self defense where kids learn to defend themselves in virtually any situation.  Kids become more assertive and less aggressive by training in MMA because self-defense knowledge empowers them to have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and say no to peer pressure.  Self-discipline training serves them well in keeping their school grades high and life at home calm and manageable.  The combination of these life skills puts martial arts students head and shoulders above their peers and offers them greater opportunities for achievement.

Give your child the only gift they truly want: a strong sense of confidence.  Call or text us today to schedule a FREE orientation and trial class.