Our Philosophy


Martial arts is a way of life that teaches peace and confidence. It has evolved over the years to match the ever-growing interest in self defense skill and parallel need for fitness. Today, no matter a student’s goal, martial arts can help them achieve it through exciting workouts and comprehensive guided instruction.



At levels beginner through advanced, students build several skills at once: physical strength and endurance, mental focus and self-discipline, and an understanding of practical self-defense.



The precise combination of kickboxing and Jiu jitsu comprises the most practical, effective and streetwise form of self-defense. With more than 35 years combined experience in the martial arts, the husband-and-wife team at GY6 are dedicated to providing instruction and vibe of the highest quality.

The Murray Family


At the core of Got Your 6 MMA are the values of warrior and family.  The military term ‘Got Your 6’ means to have one’s back. The name of our company, Got Your 6 MMA, is a nod to the highest values of camaraderie and protection. Our philosophy is inspired by this — we teach our students the skills and discipline they need to live their best lives.


While individual goals will vary among children, adolescents, men and women, human nature demands to feel safe, to learn, and be happy. GY6MMA instructors proudly uphold the mission to provide every student the skillset to defend themselves. Our combination of self-defense, physical conditioning and character-building make for an incomparable MMA experience..

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