It is impossible to out-train a bad diet. In other words, you can’t work out and expect results if you’re not eating right for your goals. Proper diet and balanced nutrition will take responsibility for about 85% of your progress — believe it or not, working out is simply the icing on the cake when it comes to fitness results. A lean physique is constructed in the kitchen and completed in class.

I may sound like a traitor to my martial arts business and fitness industry by putting it that way, but it should provide relief. Think about it: how many hours are in a day? How much food must you take in in order to fuel your body for 24 hours? How many hours do you (really) spend working out? Even for the fitness extremists and professional athletes, much more time is spent doing everyday tasks — working during the day, sleeping at night, mealtime, family/social time — what I mean is, more time is spent not at the gym than is spent at the gym.
Here’s another way to look at it.


We trainers and coaches have you, our students, for an hour or two at most — but what you do for the rest of your day will determine a larger percentage of your fitness results.
So what does this mean for the responsibility of a coach? It means the bar is high for us if we truly want to deliver outstanding results to our students. It means that we must not only provide you with the workout you need to build strength, stamina and flexibility. We must give you the tools you need to make the rest of your days and evenings productive towards your goal.
Admittedly, you’ve got to put in hard work to achieve results. But it’s not up to you to figure out how to do that — we will guide you to make sure you do not spin your wheels, endure long-term plateaus, feel the need to succumb to cravings or yo-yo in weight.  How do we do this for our students? I teach you how to eat to burn fat so you can see rapid progress and feel great doing it. Giving you the tools to do what’s effective 85% of the time enables you to come in for class and have FUN accomplishing the rest.
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