New Years Resolutions 2018: Will This REALLY Be Your Year?

January is a great motivational time for all of us: a new beginning with a fresh, blank slate. It’s a great time to resolve to make an improvement or start anew. Usually, we vow to change something we’ve desired for a long time that we haven’t had the courage, motivation or resources to change yet. The most common resolutions are losing weight, gaining a skill or hobby, and attaining a financial goal.

But this year, instead of just resolving to make a change, make a PLAN!


“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins

First, think long and hard about your goal and what exactly you want (and what you don’t). Plan out the details as specifically as you can. Jot your ideas down so that you can see what it will take to obtain. Under close examination, it may’ look simpler or more complex than you’d initially imagined. Either way, you’ll quickly discover that with some elbow grease, tackling your goals is always attainable.

DO: Start by brainstorming — jotting down all ideas that are directly and indirectly related to your goal. Sometimes it helps to consider “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how”. It can also help to map out your plan like a road trip, imagining all the stops you’ll make along the way and detours that may come up. There are many steps to a plan of action. Each step is taken, no matter how small it may seem, solidifies your end result.
DON’T: Thinking about your goal as a finish line. This can make it seem too far out of reach, daunting or even unattainable.
DO: Take lots of time to give your goal the thought and consideration it deserves before you start putting it into action. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail, and this will be true with any goal.

Second, keep in mind that timing isn’t everything. Putting pressure on yourself to start January 1st can set you up for failure. We’re only human, and most of us are moving at a thousand miles per hour in many different directions — there’s a reason you haven’t achieved this goal yet, after all! Respect yourself and the time that you are choosing to dedicate to the goal. Think of how you will be able to take action (i.e. over the course of the year), not how you’d like to take action (overnight)! Having patience with yourself will introduce you to the feeling of how very attainable your goals are, and enable you to embark on the journey in a confident frame of mind.

So how is your 2018 going to be different? Having a plan and putting it into action is much different than just resolving to make a change. Start to put your action steps into place now!

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