Safety and Cleanliness: Why is it really so important in an MMA school?

At GY6MMA, we pride ourselves in keeping a welcoming atmosphere — not just fresh and physically clean, but implementing and following a gold standard of guidelines to ensure the physically and emotional safety of our students.
At Got Your 6 MMA, we have top quality measures in place to keep our facility clean.  ‘Clean’ refers to the school itself and also every student.  Our vow is providing a school that is cleaned and disinfected after every day of classes.  The school is kept looking spotless and smelling fresh.  In turn, Students are required to come to class personally clean, with clean uniform, and are encouraged to help in tidying up after their class.  Furthermore, gear must be kept fresh, left out to dry after training, and be replaced as often as needed.  These are not only practices of discipline, but acts of respect to one’s peers.  Students take great pride in their training when they know they are following high standards.
In addition to keeping our school physically clean to keep germs, bacteria and contagions at bay, we have non-negotiable safety measures in place to eliminate or dramatically reduce chances of injury in class.  Safety equipment is required for both kids and adults, even in our non-contact classes.  Gloves of proper weight and padding, hand wraps, ear guards, mouthguard, headgear, shin and instep guards are a few examples of protective gear required for our contact classes at GY6MMA. Gear must be recommended or approved by your GY6 Coach, and no unapproved gear will be allowed in class.  This is for the safety of all our students.
In short, safety and cleanliness go hand in hand.  Without this discipline, our school would simply be a “gym.”  We are proud to offer a welcoming facility to our students and families.
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