What Can I Learn as an Adult New to the Martial Arts?

Lesson #1:  Martial arts is for everyone.  Men and women of all ages, fitness levels and experience levels are not only welcome on the mat — they can expect to see great results for themselves in skill development, self-discipline, and physical conditioning.

Mixed martial arts is a blend of disciplines (many styles of martial arts focus on only one area of self-defense).  The GY6 mission is to provide our students with the ability to defend themselves in any situation.


Expect to take away a new and improved level of self-confidence as you learn the most practical, effective blend of Kickboxing and Grappling.

KICKBOXING is the most effective technique of hand, knee, elbow, and foot strikes along with an intense cardio workout that enables you to defend yourself in a stand-up situation before someone gets close enough to grab you.  At GY6, our hybrid-style of kickboxing is a combination of American boxing, Muay Thai and Kyokushin (full-contact) Karate.  Classes range from novice to advanced levels at each age group.  When our students first embark on their martial arts journey, many of them will start with a Self-Defense and Fitness class.  This non-contact class is for all levels and is geared towards developing strong foundations in technique and conditioning.  The instructor guides the class through a one-hour workout of practical self-defense combinations, carefully fine-tuning each student’s technique along the way.  This class is a phenomenal workout for all muscle groups, cardiovascular stamina, and flexibility.  With consistency in this class of 2 to 3 classes per week, students can expect to achieve power and accuracy in their skill in very little time.

GRAPPLING is close-range self-defense and is best used in encounters that end up on the ground or when one finds themselves on their back.  It teaches how to escape holds and grabs using throws, joint locks, and submission techniques. At GY6 we combine the most street-wise and effective styles of grappling for self-defense, which include a combination of no-gi jiu-jitsu and wrestling.  In a beginner level class, students will learn the hierarchy of grappling positions from most dominant to most vulnerable — how to execute them and escape them.  You will learn fundamental techniques that apply to a real situation, such as an encounter on the street or in a competitive grappling setting.

Pre-register today for a free month of classes!  This no-obligation registration will ensure your spot in our beginner classes as soon as our doors open!  As one of our first Delray Beach students, you’ll receive a FREE month of training, FREE orientation and FREE pair of training gloves.  Feel free to come down to our location at Lake Ida Plaza in Delray Beach to check out the progression of our beautiful new space.  See you soon!

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