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Cardio Energy Flexibility Strength

Our Adult Program blends modern training methods with traditional philosophy to set our students up for high level success in self defense and fitness.

Students improve cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and overall mobility as they work through drills of high intensity, low impact exercises that teach them how to protect themselves.


This class teaches the core concepts of kickboxing for self-defense and proper technique for a powerful workout!  Perfect for anyone interested in improving fitness and stamina.  More than cardio kickboxing, this class is flexible and adaptive so that it serves the needs of all its participants — it will get beginners into shape, and it will challenge even the most advanced athletes.


Our fitness & conditioning classes are designed to give you a total body strength and conditioning workout.  These classes have been influenced by some of the most proven training techniques and are intended for all levels of fitness. This 30-minute workout is nestled in between our grappling, kickboxing and sparring classes most weeknights…it can be combined with your other fitness or self-defense classes for an extra pump, or taken on its own for a quick drop-in workout. Open to men and women.



Jiu Jitsu is a unique ground fighting art that utilizes takedowns, chokes, and joint locks.  GY6MMA offers a comprehensive program designed for self-defense and competition here in the Delray Beach area. Jiu Jitsu at GY6MMA is designed for nearly all fitness and skill levels.  Beginner-level students explore the core concepts and positions; and for advanced students, this class includes live sessions and instruction in modern, competition-proven jiu jitsu.


The purpose of sparring is for students to practice their techniques in a live situation in order to reduce the fear of a self-defense or competition situation. Sparring class is broken down for nearly all experience levels. For new students, Beginner Kickboxing is a prerequisite to Sparring.

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