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A Confident, Happy Kid will Achieve Success

Kids of all ages become more assertive and less aggressive by training in martial arts.


Self defense knowledge, combined with self respect and discipline, empowers them to have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and say no to peer pressure.



AGES 3-5

The Got Your 6 MMA Little Leaders preschool martial arts program teaches young minds and bodies an introduction to physical fitness, turn-taking, respect and non-quitting spirit to prepare them for school and beyond.


Improve your child’s balance and coordination. Sharpen their attention span through group activities and individual time to shine! Our fun balance of motor development activities and social skills will give them a leg up on their peers.



AGES 5-15

The Got Your 6 Mixed Martial Arts Youth curriculum teaches a well-rounded, streetwise form of self defense. Parents can expect their child to develop a winning combination of self-discipline and proper self defense training.


Beginner students can expect to feel welcomed and empowered from day one, and as they advance their skillset they will grow in confidence and excited as they advance their skillsets in kickboxing and jiu jitsu over time.

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