Little Leaders Program

Little Leaders Preschool Program

Before the need to learn self defense comes the life stage of a more basic development.


The Got Your 6 MMA Little Leaders preschool martial arts program teaches young minds and bodies an introduction to physical fitness, social skills, discipline, and respect to prepare them for school and beyond.


Our preschool program promotes coordination and sharpens your child’s attention span through group activities as well as individual time to shine. We introduce age-appropriate physical skills and motor development such as balance and coordination to give them a leg up on their peers.



Our Little leaders preschool program prepares children for success in school and sports:


– improves flexibility, balance and spatial concepts

– teaches concentration, discipline and respect

– develops communication and social skills


This program is ideal for kids age 3-5 in preschool or kindergarten and promises a fun, safe and nurturing atmosphere.


Starting a child in martial arts at a young age speaks volumes for their character. Just ask any of the GY6MMA parents! Give your son or daughter the experience of martial arts, and give them a leg up on their peers.


The preschool martial arts program promotes each child’s coordination and sharpens attention span through group activities and individual time to shine. We introduce physical challenges appropriate for their age group and motor skill development in a fun, fast-paced class.

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