Women’s Self Defense

Self Defense Classes For Women

Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone – especially women.

Have you ever…

felt frightened or intimidated when out walking alone or with your children?

wondered what you should do if approached by an attacker?

worried about feeling powerless and frozen in the face of danger?

Arm yourself with the skills, knowledge and self defense moves to reduce the possibility of becoming a victim. In this self defense class, you will learn how to avoid high-risk situations and how to defend yourself if danger presents itself.

Don’t Become a Victim


Become Confident

GY6MMA Women’s Safety & Personal Self Defense Seminars are designed for all women.

These two-part seminars are an interactive, collaborative lecture followed by a hands-on self-defense and exercise class. Every seminar will address awareness, establishing limits, survival, and cultivating a warrior attitude.

You’ll leave with a wealth of self-defense knowledge including effective strikes and close-range self-defense techniques.


Interested in a Self Defense Seminar? 

Join mixed martial arts fighters and dynamite husband-wife team, Mike Murray and Jackie Neilson for their next presentation of the popular and locally renowned Women’s Safety Seminar at

Got Your 6 Mixed Martial Arts


Are you interested in hosting a Self Defense Seminar at your school, office or organization?  Please fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you.

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Confidence  Awareness Safety Empowerment

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